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of workers say improving their skills is their number one priority next year. Source: Workplace Intelligence

of employees are willing to leave their current job due to a lack of skill-building and career-mobility options.
Source: Workplace Intelligence

Mastering Demonstrations

Our flagship workshop, ideal for anyone who presents and demonstrates complex technology products and services. Delivered as either a 'virtual live classroom' or in-person 'live' event.

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Mastering Discovery & Value

The sister workshop to Mastering Demonstrations; ideal for anyone who needs to differentiate their sales journey by uncovering the Buyer's key business requirements, success metrics, outcomes, challenges and personal value proposition.

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Check Out Our Open Enrollment Workshops

Same 'Wow' skills and coaching, but now open to everyone.

Open Enrollment Workshops

Martin Jermyn | Director | Deloitte

"...amazing feedback from the Deloitte team, they all got a lot out of it"

Christine Higgs | CRO | Sova Assessments

"Professional, practical and completely relevant to a SaaS environment... 10 out of 10 in my opinion"

Himanshu Singh | SVP GTM | Happay

"I was trying to find an expert who could train our Enterprise Presales teams on a few specific skills. I found Don on a few Presales Leadership discussions and he is the most recommended person I came across"

Rob Dean | Head of PreSales | The Access Group

"...fantastic takeaways, insights and ideas to drive PreSales excellence"

I've been running PreSales skills workshops, keynotes and coaching through my company, Winning Skills, since 2015. After a 30+ year PreSales career, I wanted to give something back to the craft and profession I love.

Our clients include big names like Adobe, Deloitte, Informatica, SurveyMonkey and SAP and many, many smaller to medium-sized and up-and-coming Technology companies.

Technology companies come to us because they want both the personal touch and content that can be customised for them. They want their trainer and workshop facilitator to be the content author, not a contract facilitator; they want someone who has a reputation, credibility, authenticity, experience and a voice in the PreSales profession, someone recognised as a thought leader and someone both your experienced and new team members will trust.


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